Gypsies and Jesus: A Traveller Theology


Dr Steven Horne informs us that:

‘God moves, so does His Word, so does His Spirit, and a quick glance through the entire Bible reveals that so does His people. Permanent impermanence. But what does this look like ‘on the ground’, in the depths of our daily lives, the struggles of our thoughts, the standards of our morals and values, and in our relationship with the Creator? Among other things, my book explores this expressive theology as it manifests in a chosen yet historically demonised people group – Gypsies, Roma and Travellers.

‘Separately from the book news, I’m delighted to announce that later this year (2023) I will begin my training with a view to being ordained in the Church of England in early summer 2024. I will be training in an incredible location where I will continue both my path as a theological educator and as a minister – walking with all of God’s people and taking His message & presence to the darkest corners and the highest echelons of our society.’

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